old materials for restorations and renovations

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Who we are

The firm was born in 1950 from two willing brothers, Luigi and Pietro. They were aid in their business thanks to the economic growth, which, after the postwar period, encouraged Italy to roll up one’s sleeves and work for a better future.

It was born with the name “Bianchessi Luigi and Pietro” and it deals with building materials and trucking on behalf of third people

In the following years appeared in the firm salvaged materials for restorations and renovations coming from old farms, 900th century places and ancient cottages demolitions

We started to store up then a huge amount of hollow flat terracotta tiles, handmade bricks, ancient durmast beams, stone columns, curved tiles, et cetera...

Our intense feeling, our passion for the old, our position of strength thanks to the countless brick kilns here in the region, drew us to the specialisation in a very selective choice of materials, cleaning, scrub and sandblasting.

We can provide materials for floors in terracotta tiles, wood and stone floors, ceilings and stairs. Thanks to our competence, we sell a product that recall rusticity, simplicity of ancient and old, elegance, vigour, carefulness.

Quality and reliability belong to the DNA of our small reality that we follow from three generation.

Bianchessi Luigi e Pietro s.n.c.
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